Gemma's Story

A story from NICU Warrior Foundation Member, Gemma.  She writes:

Mother with infant in NICU

I'm a former NICU Mama.  I had my (first) baby at just 24 weeks +4 days via an emergency C-Section.  My baby spent 126 rough days in the NICU.  At just two weeks old, she was transferred via helicopter to a city hospital to be monitored for brain bleeds.  Two weeks later, after nothing progressed, we were transferred back to our "home" hospital.

She spent over 2 months intubated.

NICU Baby is intubated and in incubator

She spent her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in the NICU.

Blood transfusions, low BP/high BP, grade 3&4 brain bleeds, CMV, ROP, you name it.  

NICU baby with Santa


She was released in February and then in May had to have brain surgery to have a shunt placed due to hydrocephalus.  In August, she was then diagnosed with infantile spasms, and we are still dealing with seizures.

We still have have numerous follow-ups and therapies and a long road ahead.

But she is a WARRIOR.

My advice -- don't google. 

Ask, and accept help.

Use support groups and groups with people who have prior experience.

The doctors always have to tell you the worst case scenario.

Just have faith and use your gut!

Look at her now :)

girl who is a NICU Warrior Grad