Ashdyn's Story

We were in tears reading this heartfelt story from NICU Warrior Foundation Facebook Member, Ashdyn.  

Here post reads:

I have had 3 NICU babes and the experience I had was such an amazing one -- the NICU nurses were all so sweet but here is a little about our stay...

I got pregnant at 19 years old. I was scared and not completely sure how my life would change with having a baby, but little did I know that at eight weeks pregnant, I would discover some shocking news about my pregnancy.

I went to have my Ultrasound and God had bigger plans for me -- I was pregnant with twins!  I shortly became labeled a high risk pregnancy because I was rapidly gaining too much protein.  

At 31 weeks my babies were born.  Anslee weighing just 2 pounds and Jase just 1 pound at birth.  Being so young I had no idea what to expect when I was able to see my babies...they were so small I had never held anything so little they looked like they could fit in the palm of my hand.

When you walk into the NICU you can get overwhelmed easily with all of the beeping and machines -- I'd often go into a panic right away -- but the only way I could get comfort was knowing that the NICU nurses were doing everything to keep my babies healthy.

Our stay was long -- around 70 days in total.  While there were many milestones and ups, there were also many times I questioned if we'd be coming home at all.  My babies got their first bath at 10 days old and the nurses had to teach me how to do it and how to feed them -- we got through it with a lot of love and a whole lot more faith and prayer.

We finally got to go home -- little did I know two weeks later out of the NICU my son would pass from SIDS.  That in and of itself was such a mental overload, how I was able to stay strong and care for my daughter I still don't know, but now four years later, here we are and my baby girl is so strong, grown, and beautiful.  I can only imagine what my son would look and sound like, but with prayer and faith I will see him again.  

I've now had my 3rd NICU baby who is now 7 months old (pictured).